Company Profile
Timber Trade of Thrace

timber tradeThe company was launched at the beginning of the century by his grandfather Savvas Touratzis in Xanthi as a small trade and craft company.  Then went to his father George Touratzis who in 1970 turned it into Manufacturing Wood established the BI IP Xanthi making a from 5 largest timber-producing industries in Greece. The company supplies throughout Greece and Europe with sawn timber fir, pine, oak and beech.  

The company in its current form was founded in 1984 by Emmanouil Touratzis under the name  Emm. G. Touratzis Timber Trade of Thrace, as a Commercial Import and Export company based in Alexandroupolis, branded partnerships with international commercial firms from Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, America and sales throughout Greece.
In 1994 established the MAKRONEX ltd, a subsidiary company based in Burgas in Bulgaria.

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