PrePolished Floor

Pre painted floor using latest technology providing unique finishing.
Place clean quickly and easily. Special treatment for durability and long life cycle. Fully compatible with underfloor heating. Ideal for residential and business premises of high aesthetic requirements.
Available in a wide variety of wood. Ideal for renovations due to small thickness.
* Placement by skilled craftsmen.

Pre polished wooden floor
Place nailed, or floating wood is pre polished wood. Species: oak; oak aging hand, in various shades of antique, Kemp, merbau, teak, tauari, bamboo.
Semi solid, pre polished floor
Pre polished parquet lacquer in three layers form single, double and triple board, with a thickness of 10mm & 15mm and locking click (male – female). Plakage on pine or spruce has placed 3-4mm solid wood. Place floating or floated.
Wood: oak, Beech wood in different shades and ntekape, maple, cherry, wenge, doussie, iroko, merbau, teak, afrormosia, walnut, cabreuva, cabreuva dorada.
For each species there are the respective floor skirting.


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