Decorative Surfaces
  • Cork Decoration
    A unique product for decoration and insulation with incredible abilities. Suggested for locations with special needs such as hotels, hospitals, Children's stations etc.
    Apply as wallpaper walls and furniture investment. 0,3 cm thick and stave dimensions 30cm x 60cm.
    Colors: Available in several colors. Imported directly from Portugal the first country to quality cork production in the world and is available exclusively from our business throughout Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.


  • decorative surfacesFormica
    Formica is immersed decorative paper glued to Melamine and phenolic resins which is affixed on particle board. The thickness of a sheet of a formica is 7 and 8 mm.
    Used in kitchens, libraries, offices, closets and elevators.

  • Veneer
    • Natural plywood "xylofylo" which is for the construction of using better quality wood and is ideal for high standards and aesthetic decoration.
    • Artificial plywood is an artificial way to imitate wood. .
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  • Panel
    Showrooms panel stores, for better visibility of products in various colors combined with a comprehensive range of accessories.
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  • Meshes
    Volatile decorative frames, simple, user-friendly with easy application.  Suitable for radiator covers, framed for doors and screen. Available in many sizes and are easy to clean and maintain.
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