Soft Wood
Central Warehouse

Swedish, Romania, Czech Republic and America which is used in furniture, rabote floor and wall.

Pine Wood
Swedish wood is used in roofs and kiosks building. Due to the quantity of resin and good density of wood, larch beyond the building use (doors and windows, roof), and appropriate for indoor use, and finally as a raw material for the production of investment or floors. Due to its resin content and good density, pinewood is used for building applications (doors and windows, roofs) and is also suitable for interiors (furniture crafting) and as raw material for veneers and flooring.

Fir Wood
The fir wood is used mainly in construction (eg boards, scaffolding post, spruce wood), construction of roofs (eg laths, skoureta), fills in as the doors (eg scaffolding post) and finally as a raw material for producing veneer (rampote) or floors and the production complex - welder timber.

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