Household Appliances

The same concern for aesthetics and ergonomics and excellence in quality characteristics reflected in electrical equipment.

Folding hoods, or simple pull air extractors, with a chimney on wall, central or angular. Allow operation with activated carbon filters (air cleaning and recycling).
The silent power gives them excellent absorbing power so that smells and noise.
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Outbreaks electric (ceramic and induction) traditional stainless steel or granite color.
Ceramic with unassuming modern-design
Gas or a combination of gas - with electric ignition and automatic safety valve.
Ovens simple and Pyrolytic in inox, bronze, anthracite and other colors, with "smart" features that fit perfectly with the outbreaks. Still, a wide range of high-tech microwave ovens.
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Best-known technology firms. Fitted, free system side by side, wine cellar, refrigerators, double door.
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Built-in dishwashers in the size of 60cm and 45cm. .
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